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Profitable, sustainable and climate-adjusted agriculture

About Agritech Cluster

Agritech Cluster is a technology-oriented agricultural cluster based in Mid-Norway. Agritech Cluster will contribute to the development and use of new technology in agriculture through sustainable solutions in the agricultural value chain. The goal is to create for more profitable, sustainable, and climate-adjusted agriculture, which in turn will increase the competitive potential of Norwegian food and agricultural production, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating the foundation for new and green economic growth in Norway.

Members and participants

Agritech Cluster will be working to develop new technology and products in sustainable solutions for agriculture. This development will happen both via start-ups, as well as small and large companies that are well established in the field.

Become a member of Agritech Cluster

Agritech Cluster will

  • establish itself as Norway’s top arena for technological innovation in the agricultural value chain

  • strengthen the appeal of agriculture and its position in Norway as well as internationally

  • develop new technology, products, and solutions for enhanced precision in agricultural production

  • utilize the value chain potential of the cluster for collaborative projects for resource utilization, sustainability labelling and optimization of operations

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