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Behind the initiative of this cluster we have named Agritech Cluster, is 50 companies mainly based in Mid-Norway. Agritech Cluster will establish itself as Norway’s leading arena for technological innovation in the agricultural value chain.

Agritech Cluster will

  • ​ establish itself as Norway’s top arena for technological innovation in the agricultural value chain

  • strengthen the appeal of agriculture and its position in Norway and internationally

  • develop new technology, products and solutions for enhanced precision in agricultural production

  • utilize the value chain potential of the cluster for collaborative projects for resource utilization, sustainability labelling and optimization of operations


 Agricultural technology is about to become the world’s fastest growing markets. Large Norwegian companies producing chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery are already fully present in most of the large, global markets. Since the early 2000s we have seen new and interesting developments created by young, innovative tech companies offering sustainable solutions to the entire spectrum of primary producers such as grain producers, fruit- and berry cultivators and meat- and dairy farmers.


The main goal of Agritech Cluster is to utilize these opportunities by combining partners from the agricultural value chain to develop and start using new agricultural technology in sustainable solutions throughout the value chain. Through collaboration, a common initiative and projects, the Agritech Cluster members will strengthen Norway as an arena for innovation and development in agriculture.


When adding members to Agritech Cluster we will look for how the applicants add competence to the value chain, actively contribute to collaboration and become members and owners of Agritech Cluster just as other members do. Agritech Cluster has its own policies expressing the expectations of membership and involvement, as well as its membership fees.

Medlemskategorier og kontingenter for Agritech Cluster i 2022:

AS/SA over 100 ansatte    kr. 30.000,-

AS/SA 50-100 ansatte      kr. 10.000,-                         

AS/SA 20-49 ansatte         kr. 6000,-

AS/SA 5-19 ansatte            kr. 4000,-

AS/SA 1-4 ansatte              kr. 1500,-

Faglag                                      kr. 0,-

Gründerbedrifter 0-5 år     kr. 0,-

Stiftelser                                 kr. 0,-

Universitet, høgskole, vgs. kr. 0,-


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Membership categories and fees for Agritech Cluster in 2022

AS/SA over 100 employees

kr. 30.000,-

AS/SA 50-100 employees

kr. 10.000,-

AS/SA 20-49 employees

kr. 6.000,-

AS/SA 5-19 employees

kr. 4.000,-

AS/SA 1-4 employees

kr. 1.500,-

Organizations (faglag)

kr. 0,-

Start-ups 0-5 years

kr. 0,-


kr. 0,-

Universities, colleges, upper secondary school

kr. 0,-

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