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The 1st Nordic Food Forum: Future sustainable food systems



Welcome Nordic food colleagues!

The 1st Nordic Food Forum in Trondheim will gather Nordic food colleagues under its roof to strengthen innovation, co-creation, and networking. The Forum will act as a catalyzer in bringing together academia, industry and food actors, SMEs, and startups to discuss Nordic Food System Transformation. It will include consumer perspectives, foodtech opportunities and future perspectives for sustainable development.

The Forum will focus on key elements in succeeding with a sustainable change of the food system and define the future in our Nordic food context. We will co-create and jointly develop strategies and effective initiatives for the sustainable processing, manufacture and consumption of food products considering issues related to quality, stability, and consumer trust.

This event will facilitate networking among different stakeholder groups from researchers, industry players, food entrepreneurs, policy makers and funding organizations. It will comprise presentations, debates, food concepts demonstrations, food innovations and a kick-off of a PhD course. We have an impressive list of speakers from policy makers, researchers, and industry and we also offer the possibility to send abstracts for short presentations on each topic.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall and do note that Trondheim and Trøndelag won the title as a European region of Gastronomy in 2022.

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NTNU, Trondheim

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21. september 2022 - 22. september 2022

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